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For nearly 50 years, Stoney’s has been in the business of providing a warm environment to the city we love, and the opening of Stoney’s on L returns us to the street where we started back in 1968.

What can you expect from the newest addition to the West End’s bustling bar and restaurant scene?

For starters, all of the things that made us famous in this city: An eclectic mix of seasonal and mainstay draft beers, tasty burgers and wings, and of course the Super Grilled Cheese.

We’ve also added some new elements to the mix for Stoney’s on L, including new signature dishes, a wide selection of wine, and cocktail list that features two versions of D.C.’s native libation, The Rickey.

Formal event? Birthday dinner? Office happy hour? Whatever it is, we got you covered! Stoney’s on L offers reserved bar space, partial-floor and full-floor reservations. E-mail us at

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Stoney's on L

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